Google Maps

Google Maps

You can easily add Google Maps elements to any page you create. Click on Add element and select the Google Maps Element from the Pop-up window. Customize the way your Google Maps looks using the integrated options. You can add as many Google Maps elements as you want.

Google Maps

With the Google Maps element you can add your business location to any page you create. We also created a Contact Page template you can use, but just in case that’s not what you are looking for, you can always create your own Contact page layout using the Google Maps element.

The Google Maps element allows you to also add a pop-up message that you can use to inform your visitors about your working hours or anything you consider important. You can also what type of map to use: Roadmap, Satellite, Terrain or Hybrid. You can enable or disable pan controls, zoom controls, Scrollwheel, map type and street view.

The Google Maps also allows you to control the zoom level of the map as well as enable/disable the Address/Message on page load. See more examples below:

Nimva’s Google Maps Element Is Super Useful and Easy to Use

Google Maps Examples

Here are some more cool examples of the fine Google Maps element.

Road Map

Satellite Map

Terrain Map

Hybrid Map

The Full Width Google Map Element

Last but not least, the Google Maps element can also be a full width Map. See below
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